Hôtel Magique x Di Lunedi Ceramics

Hôtel Magique x Di Lunedi

Introducing Giardino di Magique - A collection of 10 unique and one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces of art in collaboration with Di Lunedi. A testament to artistry and handmade craftsmanship where no two plates are the same; each one carries the individual touch by Elise of Di Lunedi that we adore.
From her mountain-top studio, overlooking endless blues and unspoiled nature, Elise designed and crafted the collection. Using local Italian clay and pigments, the collection was inspired by her surroundings of Isola Filicudi and the gardens of Palermo, where they were completed for their final firing. Each Giardino di Magique piece is unique and as rare and exclusive as the landscapes that inspired them. A Sicilian memento to present on your wall or as a striking centerpiece during a magiqual meal.
Photography by Paloma Saint Léger.