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Introducing Lovers of Leisure

The Pleasure of Leisure introduces Lovers of LeisureCreative conversations with Lovers of Leisure who share their most treasured travel experiences, connection with photography, and encounters with magique with The Pleasure of Leisure. Photography by Anna Pihan.


The Pleasure of Leisure, the brand where Hôtel Magique together with photographer Anna Pihan publishes books, leisurewear, and more, recently started creative conversations with Lovers of Leisure.

For our latest Lovers of Leisure conversations, we met with Tess Guinery and enter her whimsical world of poetry, art and visual expression in the Northern Rivers of Australia, author Jenna Holmes - Pasta Mama who chases the Mediterranean sun & cooks for the people she loves, and the Bali natives Feby Jabrik and her pro-surfer daughter Suri Jabrik in the azure waters of Bali’s eastern coast to discuss all things leisure and surf. Here, they both find endless leisure in nature’s beauty, exploring lush jungles, and the best waves within the azure waters of the Indonesian archipelago.

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