Hôtel Magique x Tombolo Collaborations Products

Hôtel Magique x Tombolo

The best way to describe our first collection with Tombolo is done by Esquire's Ben Boskovich: "The duo of short-sleeved shirts come complete with a combination of Tombolo's street-to-beach style and the impressively chic design Neelen has brought to her Hôtel Magique brand—which is not an actual hotel but is made to remind you of how you feel at one. If your idle moment involves posting up poolside, you're covered here.

The "pool lines" shirt is "a reimagined pool boy’s uniform”.
 But if your getaways involve something more active—say, doing your best Federer impression—look no further. "The green evokes a perfectly manicured grass tennis court".

Sold out.