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x Arkitaip

We love working together with Lea from Arkitaip so decided to design a second round of beautiful 100% sustainable linen scarfs: the Dreamer and Swirls scarf. 
Together we created the Swirls scarf around the color terracotta, its rawness and simplicity symbolize Mother Earth. 
The Dreamer scarf is intended to spread love, peace and magique. 
100% of all proceeds of the Dreamer scarf will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to help the refugees of the Moria camp in Greece.
Its message reads 'I was once told I should not dream, that’s why I make all my dreams come true' and is supposed to inspire its reader to never stop dreaming.
'No matter how small or big your dreams are, never let anybody tell you to stop following your dreams', Milou explains.
Details of these dreams such as people, love, and nature are worked into the artwork.
Photography by Chloe Bruhat Model Galith Sabah
In addition to the scarfs we included these framed artworks - available right here!
We our first magique collaboration  with the London based linen brand Arkitaip on Earth Day.
Together with the lovely Lea we created artworks for beautiful organic linen scarfs. The artwork for scarf Face inspired
by the linen process, and scarf Shell is also inspired by nature and all the beauty the ocean is showing us.
Wearable art to wear as a headband or a summer skirt like Nicole Huisman, or as a piece of art for your walls.