Let's make Magique – Hôtel Magique

Welcome to Hôtel Magique

Hôtel—We believe hotel life should be part of the everyday extended beyond holidays.

Magique—We believe in Magique, and that it can be found everywhere, in everything, and everyone – You are Magique.


Hôtel Magique is a brand and community dedicated to spreading Magique all around the world, seamlessly blended with the allure of hotel life. Inspired by our passion for travel and love of hotels, collections are created and curated like souvenirs from an imaginary hotel. From art prints for the lobby to buffet tableware, luxurious bed linen, and logo merchandise in the souvenir shop – Hôtel Magique lets you add that pampering hotel feel with an Ambiance-de-Magique to everyday life.

Bali-based Dutch founder Milou Neelen lent her creative vision to global fashion brands and magazines for many years. One day, she mused on how to give her Amsterdam apartment a hotel touch to make every day feel like a holiday. On a blank canvas, she painted ‘Hôtel Magique – Open Crazy Late’. This marked the beginning of the brand, building on the idea of an imaginary destination.

"I have always been fascinated by hotels—the amazing interiors, the sensory experience when done right. However, I often didn't have the funds to stay at the ones I was most curious about, so I would check if they had a foyer open to the public and peek inside to feel the hotel's vibe. Many hotels did not have souvenirs for sale, so instead, I would purchase a mug at a cool coffee place as a reminder of the excitement and sense of curiosity I felt during that trip. Every time I see that mug, I am transported back to that destination—a transformative experience touched by magique."

During the process of building the brand, Magique-related quotes came to mind: ‘You are Magique’, and ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Magique’ – perfect quotes for lobby art at Milou's dream state Hôtel Magique. "Envisioning Hôtel Magique is my ultimate source of inspiration—it can be anywhere in the world, and can look and feel however you want it to. It's my reminder to dream big and helps me design collections inspired by different destinations, beyond trends. Most designs are inspired by destinations still on my wish list or ones I would love to revisit, down to our logo, a city where I feel magique and inspiration all around: The Big Apple - NYC."

After creating the art for many of the brand’s collections, Milou now invites artists globally to envision and create from their own Magique universe, growing a community and platform for Magique Makers worldwide.