Jewelry care – Hôtel Magique

Jewelry care

All our jewelry is dipped in an 18K gold plating. As it is a thin layer of gold, extra care should be taken to maximize its lifespan.
To keep your jewelry unharmed and keep the plating from fading please keep the following in mind: 
- Avoid contact with water or any other liquids, so no swimming or chopping those tomatoes after taking off your jewelry.
- Perfumes, creams, lotions, and other skincare products all contain substances that can affect plated jewelry. Wear your jewelry after these have dried up or you have sprayed on your favorite perfume so that chemicals in the spray or perfume do not interact with your jewelry’s metal.
- Clean your plated jewelry gently, and don’t rub it.
- Keep your jewelry in the golden pouch after wearing.
- Every skin is different and interacts differently with the jewelry chemicals. Therefore we can not ensure the potential fading of your plating.