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Join our Earth Club for a cleaner Bali
Shop to donate - 100% of the profit goes to Sungai Watch
Limited-edition Earth Club t-shirt in collaboration with Welikebali and Batik Boy Radio
100% of the profit goes to Sungai Watch, a project to clean Indonesia’s rivers
to prevent plastic from entering into the ocean.


For the past 8 months, Sungai Watch has been busy cleaning rivers in Bali.
It’s their mission to protect waterways, starting in Indonesia. 
Since August 2020 Sungai Watch collected more than 300.000 pounds of plastic from Bali’s rivers.
They are catching this plastic through 52 trash barriers that they installed in Bali’s rivers, with the goal of preventing plastic pollution
from entering the ocean.
The goal is to have 100 barriers this year. 
Welikebali already donated 2 barriers, but we need your help to place more!



In addition, Welikebali, Hôtel Magique and Batik Boy Radio hosted a sunset session at Matanari on the 6th of May for additional donations.
Photography by Ruben Beeris with Lara and Davey of Batik Boy Radio