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Welcome to The Pleasure of Leisure

Imagine a world of endless leisure and limitless daydreaming, beyond holidays. For those who haven't yet discovered "The Pleasure of Leisure"—this is the essence of the sunny lifestyle brand born from a creative collaboration between Australian photographer Anna Pihan and the owner of Hôtel Magique, Milou Neelen


Corresponding in images, they create a glowing visual story through books, travel guides, leisurewear, conversations with ‘Lovers of Leisure’and more. Milou and Anna discovered a mutual dream on both their bucket lists: designing and publishing books as an expression of their creativity and set sail on an adventure. This journey led to the launch of the self-published book, 'The Pleasure of Leisure,' which quickly sold out its first edition. In this book, they tell a visual story through photography and art inspired by faraway destinations and leisurely moments. 

Despite being oceans apart –– Anna residing in Sydney when she's not traveling and Milou enjoying her days in Bali, they share the belief in the importance of leisure.

For our latest Lovers of Leisure conversation, we met with Bali natives and creative entrepreneur Feby Jabrik and her pro-surfer daughter Suri Jabrik in the azure waters of Bali’s eastern coast to discuss all things leisure and surf. Here, they both find endless leisure in nature’s beauty, exploring lush jungles, and the best waves within the azure waters of the Indonesian archipelago.

We are excited to welcome you into our world of leisure on the new and improved thepleasurofleisure.com Bring endless leisure home with books, travel guides, leisurewear, and dive into inspiring conversations with 'Lovers of Leisure'.